The Think-In series presents national thought leaders sharing their best practices for living well in community. If you missed a past event or attended an event and would like to revisit the topic, speaker, information and resources shared, please find descriptions of each event below. If you want to view our upcoming events, visit our main events page.

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Aging in Community: Lessons Learned Through the Resilience of LGBTQ Adults with Dr. Karen Fredriksen Goldsen – June 17, 2021

Dr. Karen Fredriksen Goldsen, Professor and Director of Healthy Generations Hartford Center of Excellence at the University of Washington, shared the valuable lessons of resilience uncovered by her landmark research on LGBTQ elders. A nationally and internationally recognized scholar, author, and PBS Next Avenue Influencer in Aging, Dr. Goldsen shined a light on how the care and connection of community can empower us to overcome the challenges we face as individuals.

Aging in Community  Lessons Learned Through the Resilience of LGBTQ Adults with Dr  Karen Fredriksen Goldsen     June 17  2021
The Neuroscience of Purpose with Dr. Judith Wright – May 27, 2021

Dr. Judith Wright, lifestyle expert and co-founder of the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential, shared with us the vital importance of defining a purpose and showed us that tapping into the meaning of each moment can help us improve our well-being and build relationships. Together we began to discover the concept of Evolating – unfurling, growing and transforming to see marvelous possibilities. We identified the components of this exciting concept – yearning, engaging, revelating, rematrixing, liberating and dedicating – the keys to living with purpose. A highly sought-after speaker and bestselling author, Dr. Wright brought new life and expertise to a range of wellness-minded topics.

Dr  Judith Wright
Writing a New Story for Aging with Dr. Joe Coughlin – February 4, 2021

Presenting research from his book, “The Longevity Economy,” Joe Coughlin shared with us ways that older adults will be a market and societal force. He recommended attendees create goals and priorities for 8,000+ days of retirement, including important decisions like where we live. Dr. Coughlin, the founder and Director of MIT AgeLab, is a researcher and teacher on the cutting edge of global demographics and technology. He reminded attendees that high tech is not a replacement for high touch, we need the social glue of strong communities.

Writing a New Story for Aging with Dr  Joe Coughlin     February 4  2021
From Aging-in-Place to Aging-in-Community with Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D. – December 8, 2020

Sara Zeff Geber shared powerful information on the health benefits of living in community and the importance of having and nurturing close friends, acquaintances, and tribes to combat the three kinds of loneliness. Dr. Geber, a PBS Next Avenue “Influencer in Aging” is an author, coach, public speaker and more. Sara inspired attendees with the wisdom that when we nurture our relationships and build community, we strengthen society.

From Aging in Place to Aging in Community with Sara Zeff Geber  Ph D      December 8  2020
The Value of Volunteering with Marc Freedman from Encore – December 5, 2019

Marc Freedman inspired attendees to think about the “second act” of life and invited them to tap into their passions and talents to contribute to dynamic and collaborative communities. Marc is the president, CEO and founder of, and a renowned social entrepreneur, thought leader and writer. Attendees heard him share his experience and insights while discussing the many benefits of volunteerism.

The Value of Volunteering with Marc Freedman from Encore     December 5  2019
Discover What’s Next for You with Joy Loverde – November 20, 2019

Attendees learned about the Longevity Revolution, the Three Big Questions, and how the benefits of living in community can lead to a long and happy life. Joy Loverde is the author of two widely acclaimed books and a nationally recognized expert on active aging who has appeared on NPR, the “Today” show, and more. She shared ways to think about the future with a more enlightened and optimistic attitude.

Discover What   s Next for You with Joy Loverde     November 20  2019