Frequently Asked Questions About Our Affordable Senior Living Communities

Frequently Asked Questions.

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A: We are, but this is something new. We’re creating a community model as well as a lifestyle for a large segment of people who don’t have the affordable choices to age in community. We intend to meet this need head-on by providing an income-inclusive model open to all who wish to join a community where age doesn’t inhibit the lifestyle one can lead or the positive impact one can make on those around them.

A: Moderate wealth describes a large group of people. Middle-class Americans who have retirement savings, equity in their home or personal savings but fall in between the cracks — too much income to qualify for subsidized housing — but not enough to afford the high-end models in the marketplace.

A: To live in community means sharing your life, memories and experiences with new friends. It also means contributing to life at the place you call home through any portion of time you give to the community. The 2Life ethos is based on the principle of sharing — that everyone works together to make life better for those who live here, so everyone shares their time and talents.

A: 2Life has built a tapestry of wellness partners we rely on to provide specialized care to community members. Their role will extend beyond just senior health care to include a full picture of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Also, 2Life will provide care coordination when necessary for members of this new model of community in need of memory care. Rather than offering a day program, this approach lets those in need maintain a level of independence and autonomy, with assistance available as needed.

A: Yes! By letting us know that you may be interested in future Opus Communities developed by 2Life, you will receive invitations to our ongoing Think-Ins series and reminders to check back for more helpful resources as they become available on this website, and you’ll generally get to know 2Life Communities and all they have to offer.


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